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Emmanuel is known in Tanzania as the pioneering conservationist and visionary founder of Betheli Expeditions. He grew up in the picturesque village of Sekei, nestled at the foot of the renowned Mount Meru, often referred to as Socialism Peak, standing tall at 4,566 meters in Northern Tanzania. Emmanuel's childhood was a tapestry of natural wonder, surrounded by rolling hills and mountains, where Maasai elders would gather to trek to the mountaintops, offering prayers and reverence during drought and generational transitions.

In those early days, Emmanuel and his peers were entrusted with tasks like collecting firewood and tending to cattle on the mountainside. The lush forests teeming with wildlife, from antelopes to baboons and a myriad of bird species, provided a vibrant backdrop to their daily lives. The pristine water streams that flowed down from these peaks sustained the local river, a source of local fishing adventures. The distinct rule of not bringing fish smell home reflected the traditional Maasai dietary preferences, which have evolved over time.

Over the years, Emmanuel observed a shift in the landscape and the disappearance of once-thriving wildlife habitats. The question of where the wild animals of his youth had gone weighed heavily on his mind. It wasn't until after completing his high school education that Emmanuel realized his true calling lay in conservation. In 2005, he embarked on his journey at the College of African Wildlife Management, where he discovered that transforming nature into tourist attractions could directly benefit local communities while conserving precious ecosystems. His educational journey continued with a stint at The National College of Tourism in Dar es Salaam, where he studied tourism.

Emmanuel's career in the world of adventure tourism took flight in 2007 when he became a mountain guide. By 2010, he transitioned to become a safari driver guide, and from 2012, he assumed the role of a tour consultant. In 2013, he further expanded his responsibilities as an operational manager, ensuring the utmost satisfaction and safety of guests exploring the captivating landscapes of East Africa.

In late 2018, Emmanuel and his wife Jacqueline embarked on a transformative journey by establishing Betheli Expeditions (T) Ltd. The challenges of entrepreneurship only fueled their determination, and it quickly became evident that this was their true calling. With a shared vision, they now find themselves in a position to inspire and uplift the younger generation.

As the founder of Betheli Expeditions, Emmanuel is a fervent believer in the power of education and community involvement to protect and preserve nature. His commitment extends to supporting orphaned children and those who need help affording school fees and supplies. Through various initiatives, including the purchase of bracelets crafted by Maasai women, supporting local markets, and engaging customers in the cause, Emmanuel and Jacqueline are making a lasting impact on their community and the environment they hold dear.

Emmanuel Laizer is not just a tour operator; he is a pioneer of conservation and a beacon of hope for the next generation. Join him on a journey of adventure, cultural enrichment, and meaningful impact by experiencing Betheli Expeditions, where every step taken is a step towards preserving the wonders of Tanzania for generations to come.

Founder of Betheli Expeditions

Emmanuel Laizer

Jacqueline Laizer

Managing Director & Tour Consultant
Jacqueline is the heart and soul behind Betheli Expeditions, a name synonymous with thrilling safaris and unforgettable treks in Tanzania. Jacqueline's journey from the rich traditions of her Maasai roots to becoming a seasoned expert in adventure travel is nothing short of inspiring. Born and raised in Tanzania, Jacqueline's upbringing was a blend of Maasai and Pare cultures, a unique heritage that ignited her curiosity about her roots. For the Maasai, traditions and customs are an integral part of everyday life, and Jacqueline's desire to understand and share these traditions with the world led her to embark on a remarkable path. After completing her high school education, Jacqueline pursued her passion for travel by enrolling at the Royal Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management from 2004 to 2006, where she honed her skills in travel and tourism management. Her journey took her to renowned establishments like Air Excel and Kibo Palace Hotel, where she served as a Reservations Officer, and it was during this time that fate brought her face-to-face with Hollywood celebrity Chris Tucker during the Leon H. Sullivan summit held in Arusha, Tanzania. Fueling her passion further, Jacqueline then took to the skies, joining Air Excel as a Reservations Officer before channeling her love for tour operations. In 2011, she embarked on a career with distinguished tour companies, including Abercrombie & Kent Tours, where she gained invaluable experience in the intricate workings of a destination management company. In 2019, Jacqueline, along with her husband Emmanuel, took a leap of faith, and Betheli Expeditions - "Be the Light" was born. Her love for travel and her profound connection to Tanzania drive her every day, as she passionately crafts tailor-made holiday expeditions for those seeking to explore the unparalleled wildlife, rich culture, and breathtaking natural wonders of Tanzania. Jacqueline's dedication to sharing the beauty of her homeland is reflected in every adventure she curates. With her deep knowledge, unwavering commitment, and genuine enthusiasm, Jacqueline Laizer is your guiding light to the ultimate Tanzanian adventure. Join her and the Betheli Expedition team, and let your journey of discovery begin in the land where wildlife thrives, culture flourishes, and memories are made. Explore Tanzania like never before with Jacqueline, your trusted companion in the heart of Africa.

Jason Elkins

Director of Marketing
Jason Elkins handles marketing for Betheli Expeditions. His journey is a captivating tale of a life infused with thrilling outdoor pursuits and a knack for connecting with adventure travelers and tour operators. He's not just an adventure enthusiast; he's a third-generation commercial hot air balloon pilot, Montana fly fishing guide, PADI Advanced Open Water SCUBA diver, paramotor pilot, and a former US ARMY paratrooper. Jason's passion for adventure was ignited from an early age, thanks to his father's diverse pursuits. His father, a SCUBA diving instructor, influential cave explorer, and big-game hunter, played a pivotal role in shaping Jason's adventurous spirit. Most notably, he was a commercial hot air balloon pilot sharing the thrill of ballooning with thousands of guests, and promoting various brands in balloon festivals worldwide. While his peers spent summers in more conventional pursuits, Jason was learning to fly hot air balloons, creating connections with people from all walks of life, and discovering the profound impact of adventure tourism. Fast forward to today, and Jason boasts an eclectic resume that includes service as a US Army paratrooper, guiding fly fishing enthusiasts in Montana, managing a dive resort in the Caribbean, operating a balloon ride business, and leading Orvis International Travel for nearly a decade. In every role, Jason found himself at the forefront of digital marketing efforts, driving business growth and innovation. This passion led him to join Betheli Expeditions as the Director of Marketing in the summer of 2023, where he manages our digital marketing efforts and fosters collaboration with other tour operators and travel agents. Living a fully remote lifestyle, Jason has explored over thirty countries across six continents and continues to expand his horizons. His passion for adventure travel is contagious, and if you're an agent or tour operator considering a Betheli Expeditions, he'd love to hear from you.

Meet The Rest Of The Team

Step 3 - Experience

​We've worked with you in Step #2 to plan the perfect itinerary and have collected everything we need to ensure a smooth arrival here in Tanzania. Now it's time for you to sit back and relax while we do the work (unless you're climbing Kilimanjaro with us, in which case you still have some work to do). Regardless, we'll be with you every step of the way to ensure that the only surprises will be the kind you want to have. We'll be here waiting for you, and look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful Tanzania.

Step 2 - Customize

​Connect with us to plan the perfect adventure. Since we own the company, and manage every detail of your itinerary, we are able to accommodate many special requests. We don't like cookie-cutter experiences any more than you do, and that's why we will work directly with you to craft an Africa trip that is truly special. Once you're completely satisfied with your custom itinerary we make it safe and easy to confirm your reservation. Now it's time to move on to the last, and arguably the most important step, the experience.

Step 1 - Discover

​Take a look at our expertly designed trips on the website and narrow it down to your favorite, or contact us and let us suggest an itinerary if you prefer. Don't forget to look at our most popular extensions to get some ideas for other activities you can experience while you're here. Our "pre-designed" trips are wonderful trips that have become client and guide favorites because they include many of the highlights you might expect to see while you are in Tanzania. It's likely that one of these trips will catch your attention, and get you excited about taking the next step.

Africa Is Only Three Easy Steps Away When You Book A Betheli Expeditions

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